Bill’s diary I

04 Feb

We have found an extrange diary, a diary written by someone called Bill. Here you can read the first page: 

Bill Diary“Today I´ve started to write this diary, the first diary I have written in all my life. I´m not doing this because I like writing or I want to remember my days, my life or what I have done. I write these pages because I hope someday they will be read and people won’t repeat the mistakes that we have done in the Atomic War.

I don’t know how it started; I only know that the rage among the countries was extreme until one day broke out at the same time that the first bomb exploded.

When the War started, I was in the army. They said if you joined the army, you could do a degree, work for your country and help other ones. They talked about Salvation Army, humanitarian missions and overthrow cruel dictators. But, with the first bomb all changed, we have become a real army with a principal aim: defeat the enemy at all cost.

I lost my family in the War. A lot of friends and comrade-in-arms died and I could do nothing.I wanted revenge and I became someone totally different: a bloodthirsty and cruel person. I think that is the reason why I, finally, became an army major.”

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