Criminal Gangs, Oddland´s Masters

20 Feb

Throughout the years (from the war and the nuclear bombs, to the radiation and the rebuilding of the cities) the criminal gangs ended taking control over over water and money in Oddland, subjugating the locals.

At the end, only 5 factions became the rulers among all other bands.


Desert Walkers:

Military and Ex-marines from the atomic war now they roam all over the desserts, wearing ranks and loaded to the teeth. They have taken over Oddland by extorting and killing without mercy.


Angry Postmen:

Information has always been power, most of all in wartime. At the end the atomic war post offices became very important: The traffic of information was priceless. In the end, the owner of those offices created a commando that controlled the cities and the weapon smuggling.


New West Mayhem:

At the end of the war gangs of outlaws and old cowboys rose again. Bounty hunters and murderers formed these groups, even though they had a modern style they continue with the old tradition of the outlaw.


Black Widows:

Most of the members from this gang belonged to Indian American ethnices and they believed they belong to ancient tribes, as they play with witchcraft and dark rites. They are the biggest hit men in Oddland, hidden in the cities, where they hunt from the shadows with snipers.



Bikers, anarchists and psychopaths. They kidnap for the pleasure of asking for a ransom in exchange.

5 criminal bands to be confronted and defeated in order to become the Oddlander.


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