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Bill’s diary II

We have found an extrange diary, a diary written by someone called Bill. Here you can read the last page: 

Bill Diary“I don’t remember the first person I shot, the first time I was ordered to launch a missile, the first city I saw completely annihilated… The memories are mixed in my mind.

I was a cruel army major and I wanted to defeat the enemy, well, the people that my Government called the Enemy. But one day all changed. We landed in a small city in ruins and I saw the corpse of a little five or seven year old girl, she had a teddy bear near her hand… An innocent girl like my sister was…I realized we were in Switzerland but I couldn’t see a tree. The land in around (at least) 50 kilometers was arid, full of ashes and distressing. Suddenly, an idea came to mind: it didn’t matter who won the War, the planet and the environment were being destroyed and if we continued in the same way, no one would live in the Earth.
Next day, our enemies dropped nuclear bombs and we reacted the same way. Soon, the radiation propagated not only here or in our enemies’ territories, but also in the entire world. One week later, we were moving to the West and almost all the population were hiding in caves and bunkers. But not me. When I arrived there, I went to my old home. I was born in the West and I will die there.

If you want to read the first page, here it is.

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Characters of OddLand

bill  Bill

Bill was an army major of the Atomic War. At the end of the war, he went to the West in order to avoid the radiation and he took shelter in his old home. You can read his diary here.

rick Rick Von Hunter

He was a mercenary of the Atomic War but, until he moved to the West. First, he recruited people in order to join his cause: take over the land. And he killed anyone who didn’t join him. Now, he controls most part of the territory.

bosses The factions

  • Desert Walkers
  • Motoriders
  • Angry Postmen
  • New West Mayhem
  • Black Widows
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Bill’s diary I

We have found an extrange diary, a diary written by someone called Bill. Here you can read the first page: 

Bill Diary“Today I´ve started to write this diary, the first diary I have written in all my life. I´m not doing this because I like writing or I want to remember my days, my life or what I have done. I write these pages because I hope someday they will be read and people won’t repeat the mistakes that we have done in the Atomic War.

I don’t know how it started; I only know that the rage among the countries was extreme until one day broke out at the same time that the first bomb exploded.

When the War started, I was in the army. They said if you joined the army, you could do a degree, work for your country and help other ones. They talked about Salvation Army, humanitarian missions and overthrow cruel dictators. But, with the first bomb all changed, we have become a real army with a principal aim: defeat the enemy at all cost.

I lost my family in the War. A lot of friends and comrade-in-arms died and I could do nothing.I wanted revenge and I became someone totally different: a bloodthirsty and cruel person. I think that is the reason why I, finally, became an army major.”

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