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Be one-of-a-kind in Oddland!!

In Oddland you can customize your character as you like. You are the hero of this story and your character can tell much about yourself.

Let your imagination fly and create that character you always wanted to play with. You can combine every item with endless possibilities; show off in the multiplayer battle ground.


Choose your weapon, the armor of your choice, skin color, facial expression, your style and color of hair, your clothes, wear a hat, helmet, bandana… even you can customize your tattoos or look like a mutant. Make your Character one-of-a-kind!

Get it just playing Oddland, just beat your opponents in a duel to get virtual money. Once you have your pockets deep with money, go to the store and grab the items you want. Equip them in the inventory and enjoy your new look.

Combine torn jeans with Goku’s hair and a top hat? Having a vampire face, the body of a monkey and loaded with a rifle? In Oddland is possible, just make it happen.

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Posted by on 13 de February de 2013 in OddLand world


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