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Oddland is now available

Now you can enjoy Oddland available on iPhone, iPad and Android!

Google Play  

The most awaited release is out now! You would never be able stop playing once you start “Shooting” in Oddland. Oddland is full of exciting moments that would keep eyes on the screen. You will enjoy even more its fine art and its graphic will catch you because of its style and color. The soundtrack will transport you to the Wild West. 100% original setting as you would have never imagined.

Enforce the law in a post-apocalyptic future, full of mutants and bands of criminals, facing duels with all kind of enemies. OddLand is a duel shooter that will leave you breathless!

Do not miss it and become the Oddlander!

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Characters of OddLand

bill  Bill

Bill was an army major of the Atomic War. At the end of the war, he went to the West in order to avoid the radiation and he took shelter in his old home. You can read his diary here.

rick Rick Von Hunter

He was a mercenary of the Atomic War but, until he moved to the West. First, he recruited people in order to join his cause: take over the land. And he killed anyone who didn’t join him. Now, he controls most part of the territory.

bosses The factions

  • Desert Walkers
  • Motoriders
  • Angry Postmen
  • New West Mayhem
  • Black Widows
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What is OddLand?

OddLand is a Duel Shooter for iOS and Android devices that puts the gamer in the hero’s shoes. It mixes Western and Science Fiction in an apocalyptic story.

As the game progresses and the player fights, he increases his skills and his position in OddLand. He will become The OddLander.


There are two modes: Single and Multiplayer Online. In the single mode, the player has to conquer all the territories that belong to the factions and defeat the bosses. In the multiplayer mode, the player can face other players from all over the world.


OddLand offers a new story: an apocalyptic world with mutants and a western atmosphere. Furthermore, it offers a different control system adapted to tablets and phones. And you can customize your character as you want.

It also has leader boards’ support and matchmaking through the G4M3rs platform and Social Media (Facebook and twitter).

With a hard-working story and a really great 2D design in a world of 3D games, Oddland is hardly a unique game in the Mobile game market.

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Visual Development

The artists of G4M3 Studios have been working a lot and they have developed a great visual design for the shooter OddLand. It takes several months to create a new world with an own history and apparance.

In a short space of time, you will be able to enjoy a western atmosphere in an apocalyptic world. All in OddLand has a meticulous design, from the first character to the last building. Here you can see the characters’ outlines, directly from our game development studio:

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Band of renegades, humans, mutants, houses, shops, deserts, swamps and a lot of details will take you to a strange future where life is completely different to the life that you know.

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