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Discover the lands in Oddland


This is Oddland, a land full of thugs and crooks. I have chased this scum for years and I have collected, in the data base, the location of every enemy faction and their bosses. Conquer every territory and you could confront them directly


In Oddland, the survival of the fittest has been established and the criminal gangs control everything. They decided to split the territory, dividing it into 25 regions taking 5 each. Now it is your turn to end this tyranny and give back the land to the citizen.

In the map you will  choose which faction to confront and in which region, choose your strategy wisely and defeat every adversary. Take over all the territory so you can become the Oddlander:

  1. Oddcity
  2. Dead River
  3. Tomma, Co.
  4. High Flaco MountainOddland Map
  5. Paso Alto
  6. Lost Virgin
  7. Old Indian Desert
  8. Santa Flora
  9. Broken Forest
  10. Big Cedar Desert
  11. Casa Vieja
  12. Hotel Diablo
  13. Milaguas Creek
  14. Bullhead Camp
  15. Big Horse Plains
  16. Abandon
  17. Eagle Bill’s Ranch
  18. Madera Torcida
  19. Red Rock Hill
  20. Riverwood Farm
  21. Old Buffalo Lake
  22. Bandits Stead
  23. Big Mesa
  24. Bear Span
  25. Redway Springs

Remember: 25 regions, 5 Criminal Gangs, Defeat them and become the Oddlander.

swamp Town Three City Desert

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