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Almost an endless game

estrellaWhat to do when you finish the story mode of a videogame? Do you play again to make sure you haven´t miss a thing? Do you save it until next year to see if you feel like playing again next time? Or… Maybe you store it in the forget-and-never-use item box?

We are going to tell you a secret from Oddland: thanks to all the events the game offers and the Metagaming, as well as the multiplayer, this game is almost infinite. You decide when to leave it.

Multiplayer Mode:

Take over the first position in the world ranking in multiplayer game, dueling worldwide players

Single Player Mode:

If you think that Single Player mode can´t come up with surprises, Oddland will show you, how mistaken you are.

  • Campaing Mode: Become the Oddlander. In a post-apocalyptic future, cities had settle down again, but in Oddland only the anarchy and the outlaw gangs rule. As a hero, you will become the Oddlander by defeating the 5 ruling factions and conquering the 25 different territories.
  • Game Events: Not everything in Oddland is dueling, also you would be able to relax and enjoy with:
    • Odd 23: bet on this engaging card game, clear the dealer out and use all that cash to get new items for your character.
    • Sharp Shooting Contest: sharpen your aim by blasting out every single bottle.
  • Battles: Besides challenging every faction member from Oddland also duel the mutants and other outlaws in order to save the hostages.
  • Challenges for an Oddlander: once you have become the Oddlander, you will be able to confront new trials to be discovered. Now you have to make your law prevail against the new outlaws.

                         Bottles Odd23 BossDuel Hostages

As you can see all the gameplay possibilities for Oddland will give you lots of dueling and fun.

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