About Oddland

Enforce the law in a post-apocalyptic future, full of mutants and bands of criminals, facing duels with all kind of enemies.

Enforce the law in Oddland!

At the beginning of the 21st century, the wars all along the world destroyed the civilization and the environment. Big cities fell and the Great Exodus to the West started in order to avoid the radiation. They hid in the darkness and, decades later, when the survivors surfaced, they found a new land: the roads were home to brainless mutants and dangerous thugs.

 The survivors started to rebuild the civilization. But waves of oppressive factions were born eliminating the few honest ones. They took over water and money, and they assumed the control of the land.

Now is when the real heroes appear to face the injustice. Become a hero and establish the law in the chaos. 

Become The OddLander. 


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